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Research On The Development Of Vocational Education Center At County Level In Shaanxi Province

Posted on:2018-03-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The vocational education center as a new Chinese,new form,new background,new rural area is rural occupation education,education is the main force in the construction of the new era,is an important part of rural secondary education now,for the majority of rural youth skills and quality education bears the important task and role,is an important basis for the rapid development of social economy of new China,is a powerful hand change the rural backwardness,poverty is the best helper.It is not only rooted in rural services in rural areas,in addition to its shoulder occupation technical training for farmers and migrant workers outside,is also responsible for the occupation education students enrolled in the county center of the task of teaching,it is the growth of migrant farmers technical level,but also for the vast number of rural youth development base.In recent years,the state vigorously develop the occupation education at the same time,the occupation education center also temper endeavor,catch up,continue to break the bottleneck of its development,people really made gratifying achievements,but such problems also appear in the process of its development.The originality of this paper is to establish a new socialist countryside,promotes the development of vocational education,and develops the function of vocational education at county level as the starting point,conducts a research to resolve problems and difficulties and finally takes the development of the attraction of vocational education center as the foothold.This paper aims to do a research on The status Quo and Reflection of the development on Vocational Education from the County Level,The case of YongShou county,Shaanxi Province From the perspective of the present development circumstance,it is to analyze the difficulties in the development of vocational education center at county level,comes up with related vocational education policy stated by governments at county level concerning sustainable development from government investment,social atmosphere and school development.It also needs to strengthen the investment and development of vocational education,strives to resolve the existing unreasonable structure problems and establishes internal good quality and external image.If we find and solve the problems,we can realize the sustainable development of vocational education center at county level.
Keywords/Search Tags:County vocational education center, healthy develop, countermeasure research
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