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Study On Patterns For The Vocational Education Center At County Level Facing The New Situation

Posted on:2005-01-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z H SunFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360122987738Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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Any pattern of school running pattern is rooted in the realistic social environment.With the changes of social environment, the school running patterns need to bedeveloped and consummated continuously. This article is aimed to discuss theevaluation and innovation of running patterns in vocational education centers atcounty level. First, the article discusses the school running patterns in theory from differentaspects of the practical conclusion, literature review and comparative researchbetween China and foreign countries. It explains the tendency of school running is tobe diversified in form and system with legal management. The article also suggeststhat the school running patterns should be fit for the development of national economyand talents' growing. It should also embody the characters of vocational education andshould be fit for the requirement of the current rural circumstances. Second, combining with the establishment, extension and effects of vocationaleducation centers at county level, the article comments on the school running patternfrom four systematic aspects: objective,system,structure and mechanism pattern.With the samplings, the article raises the main problems which are faced by thevocational education centers. Third, with the case studies, the article anatomizes the development process ofvocational education centers in different areas. It also introduces the experiences oftheir success in diversified economic status. Fourth, the article discusses the countermeasures and methods to solve theproblems under the direction of modern vocational education theories. Facing the newsituation, the article advises new patterns of school running for the vocationaleducation center. Emphasised on the orientation of market and aimed at promotingemployment rate, the article argues that the vocational education centers should holdthe capacity of running rural community colleges by self management undergovernmental control with expanded schooling functions and optimized organization.
Keywords/Search Tags:rural, vocational education center at county level, school running pattern
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