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Primary And Secondary School Teachers Professional Development Study Under The View Of Cultural Ecology

Posted on:2015-03-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2267330428979465Subject:Curriculum and pedagogy
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Teacher professional development is the concern in the field of education. Since the curriculum reform, primary and secondary school teachers professional development becomes the theme of teacher education more clearly, and gets more unprecedented attention among government, schools, education researchers and teachers. Through hardworking theses years, teacher professional level develops and elevates continuously. However, there still exists many problems in the practice implementation of primary and secondary school teacher professional development. To break the dilemma and adapt to meet the requirement of time development, the innovation of teacher professional development promotion system is imperative. As a doctrine which is based on "human existence", the understanding of macroscopic, discriminate and dynamic, and the holding of the interrelationship between culture, persona, and environment in complex cultural ecology system, cultural ecology theory has inherent consistence with the value and requirement of teacher professional development. From the perspective of cultural ecology to investigate teacher professional development has possibilities and is proper. Cultural ecology theory view teacher professional development from a more broad vision, and it concerns teachers, the culture environment teachers stand in, the balance system of teacher environment functioned in teacher professional development cultural ecology system, providing a new research field and practice to rethink primary and secondary school teacher professional development.The purpose of the study is to investigate the cultural ecology prospect based on the cultural ecology theory, and to frame a primary and secondary teacher professional development cultural ecology construction pattern, therefore putting forward primary and secondary school teacher professional development strategies on the basis of cultural ecology theory. To realize it, the study firstly discusses the five characteristics-integral relationship, life subjectivity, interaction and intergrowth, diverse and openness, dynamic adaption, and analyze the logical relationship between cultural ecology and teacher professional development from the view of history and values.Secondly, from the perspective of cultural ecology, this study investigate the cultural ecology prospect that teacher professional development ought to be, composed of spirit cultural ecology, system cultural ecology, behavior cultural ecology, material cultural ecology, and also compose several value rule such as the real cultural habitat returns teacher professional development, life subjectivity meaning dominating teacher professional development, nature cooperation culture pursuing for teacher professional development, and balance interrelation holding teacher professional development.Thirdly, the cultural ecology imbalance of current primary and secondary school teacher professional development mainly performs in the thought of tools and utilitarian, the rigid, static and power-managed system, the linear, single, isolated activity pattern and the passive, subservient, free lifestyle.Finally, the essay puts forward cultural ecology promotion system of teacher professional development which constructed of the building of self-managed growth system to inspire teacher professional development conscious, the construction of shared power system to maintain symbiotic and open practice implementation, the formation of cooperative competitive system to open up the diverse and dynamic group practice, and the practice of development evaluation system to realize the ecological transformation of teacher evaluation.
Keywords/Search Tags:primary and secondary school, teacher professional development, cultural ecology
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