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Talent Attraction And Retention Strategy Research For Small And Medium-sized Enterprise

Posted on:2013-06-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y HuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2269330401475621Subject:Business administration
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In China, the human resources management level of small and medium-sized enterprise is still verylow, the business enterprise personal management is chaotic, development in the future is insufficient, forhuman resource management work lacks of molding experience and mode, these defects were shown instaff recruitment、training inspection、rewards and punishment、 promotion and other aspects. At first,this paper discusses the human resources management of the integral sex, then from behaviouristics、psychology and management subject, takes Nanyang Star Eectronics Company human resourcesmanagement present situation for example, combining theory with practice, the thorough analysis, foundand find out the management of human resources existing problems, and combined with the actual situationof the company, puts forward the corresponding optimization countermeasures, hopes that the company canbe improved in these problems; also hope that this paper will give benefit for the healthy growth of smalland medium-sized private enterprise human resource management.In particular, this paper is based on the case study as the main method and combined with documentreference, discusses and analyzes from fine point, in line with the actual seek conclusion. At last, this paperalso summarized and classified the Star Company human resources management i, in view of the analysis,and strive to do best to the issues.This paper studies for present situation of Star Company’s human resources management, to conformto the healthy development of human resource management mode,put forward thinking, in order to canimprove our country’s small and medium-sized private enterprise internal management level. the author didmore research, visited and hold discussion many times, and combined with my own experience, used theapplication of modern human resources management theory, analyzed company’s present human resourcesmanagement condition, and found the main problems of the company’s human resources management, suchas,human resource management work lacks basic work, salary system is not reasonable,lacks perfect andeffective and incentive mechanism, perfect performance appraisal system is not perfect and so on.Those questions is based on Star Company human resources management present situation, puts forwardsome practical suggestions, such as completion basic work of the human resources management; giving full play to the salary incentive effect, implement salary subdivision strategy and improvement of the salaryreward standard extending salary reward category; Spiritual incentive combinion with material incentive,meeting employees’ material and spiritual double level demand; these improvement will have transversecomparability,can span post specific appraisal of the performance appraisal standard, can be applied inevery position, make the employees to feel justice, fully arouse their working enthusiasm; To strengthen theconstruction of enterprise human resources institutionalization, break the deadlock at management,personnel management standardized rationalization fine, lets the professional human resource managementemployees in, give enterprise human resource management work pulse treatment; give attention to theenterprise culture construction work, create a learning aggressive boosting enterprise employee groupsThrough the writing of this paper, the author think a lot of for human resources management issues.New knowledge and new theory need to be learned, various aspects of work experience are lookingforward to be improved, I strive to improve the level of the individual, and do further research work nextstep.
Keywords/Search Tags:small and medium-sized private enterprises, intellectual attraction and retaining, problems, countermeasures
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