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Input-output Analysis Of Kiwifruit Industry In Shaanxi Provice

Posted on:2014-08-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S N ZhouFull Text:PDF
GTID:2269330401972626Subject:Agricultural economy and project management
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China is a large producer of kiwifruit,and in China kiwifruit is grown mainly in thenorth Qinling Mountains of Shaanxi Province which is the original and best eugenic area ofkiwifruit. At of the end of2011, the planting area of kiwifruit has reached60,600hectares andthe total yield is0.7million tons in Shaanxi Province which becomes the world’s largestkiwifruit production base. Kiwifruit industry sustainable development lies in the level offarmers’ planting enthusiasm which is affected directly by the input-output efficiency ofkiwifruit.Therefore,the input-output study in Shaanxi Province kiwifruit industry have animportant practical significance for increasing kiwifruit production, enhancing the farmers’planting enthusiasm,promoting the development of the kiwifruit industry and crop structureadjustment. The paper was instructed by the related input-output theories. Both qualitativeand quantitative analysis methods were used based on the domestic and overseas literature.Taking Zhouzhi Country and Mei Country as a case,249kiwifruit growers were questionedabout the cost and benefit of planting kiwifruit from2006to2010. The micro panel data wereused to analysis the input and output during the kiwifruit producing process with equidistantsampling comparatively. The econometric model was built to empirically analysis theinput-output of different kinds of kiwifruit in different areas. Finally, the suggestions abouthow to adjust the existing input structure and optimize the resources allocation were putforward, providing the theoretical reference for Shaanxi kiwifruit production.Through the study, we draw the following main conclusions:First,in the two regions, the total input cost of kiwifruit in Zhouzhi County is higher thanthat in Mei County, while the outputs and profit are lower than that in MeixianCounty.Among the three varieties of kiwifruit, sort of inputs from low to high in turn is theQinmei,Hayward and Hongyang, while the the sort of outputs and profit from high to low inturn is Hongyang, Qinmei and Hayward; under both the two kinds of scale, the larger-scalehas less inputs but more outputs and profit.Second,the sample data was compared and analyzed by using Data EnvelopmentAnalysis (DEA) Malmquist Index-based method to identify the reasons of change of kiwifruit production efficiency in Shaanxi Province and ways to improve.The results showed that:totalfactor productivity of kiwifruit production in Mei County showed a steady upward trendduring the study period, the change was mainly due to the comprehensive technical efficiency,while total factor productivity of kiwifruit production in Zhouzhi County is showing a slightdownward trend in the fluctuations, which mainly caused by a combination of comprehensivetechnical efficiency and technological progress interaction.Accordance with the conclusions of the above study, this paper makes suchrecommendations:‘Optimize the regional distribution of varieties as soon as possible, adjustproduct structure, implement standardized production, establish and perfect the Kiwifruitharmless prevention and control system’,‘take full advantage of all levels of preferentialagricultural policies and project funding to support the growth of leading enterprises andcooperatives, and constantly improve the level of industrial development’,‘increase researchand development efforts and introduce more advanced production and managementtechnology’and so on such specific suggestions to improve input-output efficiency of ShaanxiProvince kiwifruit industry.
Keywords/Search Tags:Kiwifruit production, Input and output, Total Factor Productivity, Technological progress
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