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A Study On Construction Schedule Control Of Mudanjiang Oil Shale Project

Posted on:2015-06-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2272330431495114Subject:Project management
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As the world’s oil energy consumption, shale oil as an unconventional oil and gasresource has become an important alternative energy resource. It is an need that peoplemining the shale oil. The characteristics of the energy mining project are the large investmentand time-consuming, which workload is huge and process is complex. There are many factorswill influence the construction process in order that work object can’t be finished within thestipulated time or to delay the construction period. Eventually the benefit of the project willbe reduced. So, when in the project management, we will strictly control project constructionschedule and apply the theory, method and technology of schedule control to the projectschedule control plan and every link of implementation. We should give full play to thefunction that the project schedule control solves the specific problems in the project operation.First, this paper introduces the research background, research significance, researchstatus at home and abroad. On the basis of systematical induction of the related references athome and abroad, we design the basic framework of this article and expound the research idea,research content and research methods. Then, it expounds the theory of project managementand schedule control, principle and method of schedule control. And it takes the Mudanjiangoil shale project as the object, summarizing the basic situation of project and making aschedule. After mainly describing the procedures and methods, work breakdown structure, theworking responsibility distribution and estimating working hours, the schedule control plan isput forward. Finally, it proposes the supporting measures from the aspects of organization,resources, safety and coordination. Through this study, the aim is to lay a good foundationand reference for the shale project construction management.
Keywords/Search Tags:Mudanjiang, oil shale, project management, schedule control
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