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A Report On The Translation Of Diagnosing Corruption In Ethiopia(Chapter 3)

Posted on:2016-05-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The source text of the translation project chooses from the Chapter three from the book Diagnosing Corruption in Ethiopia edited by Janelle Plummer. This book, published the World Bank Press in 2012, consists of eight chapters and is about the corruption of main sectors in Ethiopia, such as health, education, justice, mining and so on. Chapter three is the study of corruption in the education sector in order to map corruption in education in Ethiopia by the means of live interview and data capture. This chapter focuses on the whole chain of education service delivery, especially in teacher management and funds transfer. At last, the author gave seven recommendations on anti-corruption based on careful analysis.The report includes four chapters in all. Chapter one is a brief introduction to the whole report, including project background, significance and objective of the project as well as layout of the report. Chapter two is the analysis of the source text, including information about the author, main contents and the linguistic characteristics of the ST. Chapter three is the introduction of the corresponding strategies for the translation difficulty. Chapter four is the conclusion of the report, in which the translator concludes the experience obtained from this report and problems need to be further explored. The translator takes long sentence translation as the translation difficulty and puts forward three strategies, i.e., syntactic linearity, inversion and division.
Keywords/Search Tags:corruption, functional equivalence, long sentence translation, inversion
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