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On Translating Long Sentences From The Perspective Of Functional Equivalence

Posted on:2017-01-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:T T ZhengFull Text:PDF
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This thesis is aimed at exploring effective translation strategies applicable to long-sentence translation based on functional equivalence theory.The author came across a number of long sentences in translating the Introduction part of No Angel in the Classrom.The thesis reports the ways adopted by the author in solving translation issues under the guidance of functional equivalence theory,so as to get rid of the confines of the source text,convey the original information fully and effectively,achieve functional equivalence' between the source language and the target language as well as produce among target language readers the same response as that of the source language readers.Through a brief overview of the formation and development of functional equivalence theory,an analysis of the typical differences between English and Chinese sentences,and a description of language features of No Angel in the Classroom,the thesis explores the strategies used to translate English sentences under the guidance of fuctional equivalence theory.The thesis also introduces how to make use of the functional equivalence theory to analyze and solve translation issues and how to flexibly apply relevant translation strategies to such translation issues on a case-specific basis.Based on case study,the conclusion can be drawn that the flexible application of translation strategies provides an effective means to improve translation quality by solving the issues encountered in translating long sentences under the guidance of functional equivalence theory.
Keywords/Search Tags:functional equivalence theory, long-sentence translation, translation strategies
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