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Translation Analysis Of Long English Sentence From Perspective Of Functional Equivalence Theory

Posted on:2019-03-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X W ChenFull Text:PDF
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This article is a translation report of the English-Chinese translation of American Agricultural History.Under the guidance of Eugene Nida's functional equivalence theory,the author combines the translation practice to discuss the translation of long sentences of agrdcultural texts.This article is divided into five parts:The first part mainly introduces the reasons for this paper's topic selection,the focus of the article's research;the second part introduces the theoretical basis of the articleŚresearch of the English-Chinese translation by the functional equivalence theory and translation techniques of long English sentence and the definition of English long sentences.The third part is a brief analysis of the characteristics of long sentences of History of American Agriculture and the brief introduction to the authors and works.The fourth part focuses on the introduction and analysis of the specific application of long sentence translation techniques under the guidance of functional equivalence theory,including "sequential method","reverse method","cutting method" and "combination method".The last part is making conclusion about ideas and research process of this thesis and existing inadequacies.
Keywords/Search Tags:functional equivalence theory, agriculture, long English sentence, translation techniques
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