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Graphical Analysis Of Text In Modern Graphic Design

Posted on:2016-08-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Character is the highest crystallization of Chinese culture andarts, social development and people’s growing aesthetic level,increasing spiritual civilization today, in the form of the Chinesecharacter fonts United States also has been growing attention. In theform of people’s aesthetic beauty and font increasing contradictionshave become increasingly prominent.Chinese characters have a very strong graphics performance,which is reflected not only in the form of fonts on the structure, alsoreflected on the shape of the font. Both complement each other,showing the beauty of the art graphics characters themselves.Chinese characters of beauty is born, is the other character can notbe compared, so it created a unique Chinese art of calligraphy.Chinese Calligraphy from another dimension illustrates Chinesecharacters plasticity is very strong, we should make full use ofplasticity applied to modern Chinese characters to graphic design, toshape the beauty of words of an era.Our specification typefaces used today, is the most basic typedesign a font design. Arial and Helvetica is more commonly used twofonts, easy to use this font in the plane printing. Arial applicable to alarge number of text layout, suitable for reading; blackbody roughstrokes for efficient text for the title character, and eye-catching, to attract attention. But such fonts are more old-fashioned, apathy,mechanization, the lack of human touch. The Chinese traditionalhandwritten calligraphy have a high body clever and artistic, but alsoancient handwritten calligraphy body literal manifestation of theaesthetic needs of a graphical. In the aesthetic needs of modernsociety today increasing, text font is not limited to the computer inthe library of fonts and calligraphy fonts, but has become more richgraphical representation. This article is from the principles ofgraphical text; text graphic web design, logo design, poster posterdesign, packaging design, book design several aspects of the graphictext in modern graphic design use. And the importance of textgraphics in graphic design and graphic design for the futuredevelopment of significance.
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