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A Practice Report Of The English Translation Of Sentences Without Subjects And Long Sentences In Chinese Economic Texts

Posted on:2016-06-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the progress of globalization, Chinese economic texts plays a more and more significant role. More and more people are reading economic materials as part of their daily life. Not only do Chinese economic texts have the characteristics of Chinese language, but also have its own features, such as professional terms and sentence structures. Therefore, the translator should understand the characteristics of Chinese economic texts and select appropriate translation methods and skills according to its characteristics in order to translate such texts flexibly.This article is a translation practice report on economic texts. The author selected about 10000 words’ English translation from the translation task and made a summary, inducing some common translation methods on such kind of text. This translation report made an analysis on two aspects according to the characteristics of Chinese economic texts: the English translation of none-subject sentences and long sentences. There are many none-subject sentences and long sentences in Chinese, which are often widely used. We must deal with these sentences flexibly when translating them into English according to the specific situations of the sentences, rather than stick to the source text. The report illustrated and discussed the most commonly used methods in translating none-subject sentences and long sentences. The author also made a comparison and analysis on the translation of these sentences.
Keywords/Search Tags:economic texts, none-subject sentences, long sentences, following the original syntactic order, punctuate treatment, change-order treatment
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