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A Project Report On The Translation Of Tour Guide Introductions To Scenic Spots In Nanjing Based On Theory Of Functional Equivalence

Posted on:2016-06-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W Q ZhouFull Text:PDF
GTID:2295330470984015Subject:English translation
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The development of China’s economy and the spread of culture make tourism an important window for communicating with other countries. Not only can tourism carry forward the quintessence of China’s culture, but also it can boost the economy. Under such circumstances, the requirements to guiders become more and more strict, which may pose some challenges for the translation on introductions to scenic spots. The translation should present tourist introductions to the places of interest or natural beauty, it also involves the acceptance of the ways of expression by foreigners who have different thinking modes. The translators should find equivalent words to turn Chinese into English, and they should deal with the problems about various cultures. Therefore, the translation on introductions to scenic spots draws more and more attention.In this report, the author analyzes the text on the introductions to scenic spots in Nanjing based on the theory of Functional Equivalence, and solves the problems caused by different cultures and thoughts with proper skills of translation, such as ellipsis, transliteration and so on. Meanwhile, the author also records the preparation and the process of the project in details. Then the author discusses how to deal with the problems according to the specific examples, making sure about the accuracy and coherence of the-target text. At the end of the report, the author offers some advice about how to translate the introduction to scenic spots, that is, in-depth understanding of the source text, and adoption of Western thinking modes and proper usage of translation skills.This report aims to give some valuable suggestions to those who translate the introduction to scenic spots from a cultural perspective.
Keywords/Search Tags:introductions on scenic spots, cross-cultural communication, theory of Functional Equivalence, thinking modes, translation skills
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