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Simple Analysis Of The Functional Equivalence Issues In The Translation Of Science Fiction

Posted on:2017-05-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2295330482497467Subject:English translation
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After learning about the development status at home and abroad of science fiction and Nida’s functional equivalence theory, the writer analyzes the encountered problems during the process of translating the popular science fiction:The Diary of A Space Traveler and Other Stories. The science fiction lovers must know that in the western popular literature world, this kind of fiction is enjoy tremendous popularity. But in China, the translation strategies of science fiction are still not perfect. Therefore, the writer will use Nida’s functional equivalence translation theory to solve the problems met in the science fiction translation process.Based on Nida’s functional equivalence theory and analyzed the characteristics of the science fiction, the writer discusses the functional equivalence translation theory plays an important role to the science fiction translation from lexical equivalence and syntactic equivalence on the basis of the selected translation cases of Satya Ray’s The Diary of A Space Traveler and Other Stories, In the realization of lexical functional equivalence, the translator can adopt the conversion of word classes and free translation methods; and in the terms of syntactic functional equivalence, the translator can adopt the methods of division, combination, amplification and omission to realize. The writer uses the most proper and natural equivalence language to translate the original, and try her best to bring all the information in the original to the readers as authentic and effective as possible.This practice report is composed of three parts:part one is the Introduction. Part two is the main body of this report; it will be divided into three chapters to discuss the guiding significance of Nida’s functional equivalence theory to the translation of science fiction.The first chapter will mainly discuss the translation task, and generally introduce the characteristic of science fiction and the main content of The Diary of A Space Traveler and Other Stories.The second chapter will comprehensively analyze the process of translation which including the preparation before translating, the problems met in the process of translation and the proofreading after translation task.The third chapter is about the process of translating The Diary of A Space Traveler and Other Stories. The writer gives examples encountered in the process of translatingThe Diary of A Space Traveler and Other Stories, and analyzes the functional equivalence theory plays an important role in the process of translating this fiction. The thesis ends with a conclusion which aims at generalizing the importance of Nida’s theory of functional equivalence in guiding the science fiction translation.
Keywords/Search Tags:science fiction, functional equivalence theory, lexical equivalence, syntactic equivalence
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