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Short Vowel Acquisition In Chinese Native Mongolian Language Learing

Posted on:2017-03-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:R G M L WuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2295330485461638Subject:Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
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In this paper, the acoustic analysis of native Mongolian Vowels Acquisition of Chinese learners is carried out. This paper is based on the theory of intermediary language, contrastive analysis, transfer theory, and analysis of variance of the parameters which are frequently used in second language acquisition research. The paper is composed of five parts:introduction, chapter I, chapter II, chapter III and conclusion.The first chapter mainly presented a comparison between Chinese and Mongolian. Through the analysis of variance of the parameters, comparison of acoustic space map and the vowel pattern, the contrast of Mongolian and Chinese vowel is made and thus determines the similarity level of Mongolian and Chinese vowels. This will lay the foundation for the study of mother tongue transfer and Error analysis of Mongolian learners’Vowel Acquisition.The second chapter mainly investigated the Mongolian learners’ Mongolian vowel acquisition. By means of the accuracy of analysis and concentration contrast to complete the learner’s study of Error analysis and mother tongue transfer which are occurred in Mongolian vowel acquisition.The third chapter expounded the systematic analysis of Mongolian Vowels Acquisition of Mongolian learners in a general way. According to similar vowels and new vowels, it is systematically conducted each in the vowel pattern of basic group and advanced group.
Keywords/Search Tags:Second language acquisition, Inter language, The target language, Mother language
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