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Analysis Of Zhang Taiyan’s Revolutionary Discourse In Late Qing Dynasty

Posted on:2017-04-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Zhang Taiyan, in the late Qing Dynasty,is a famous thinker,newspaper political reviewer, national and democratic revolutionary.In his life he wrote many articles,not only left classic masterpiece,but also played a huge role in the revolutionary cause.Late Qing Dynasty is an important period of social reform and variant in China,both in politics,cultural or ideological circle is in a state of chaos,as an advanced intellectuals,Zhang Taiyan and other social elite hope by the social public opinion to control to achieve political ideal,to achieve the ambition of saving the nation from subjugation,therefore,Zhang Taiyan resolutely decided to devoted to the revolution,control revolution opinion,founded the revolutionary groups,to form a society organization,editored newspapers and magazines,wrote a large number of rejection of manchuria,known as "excellent soldiers to exclud manchu with writing".Zhang Taiyan wrote articles sharp and shrewish,often pointed out problems,has the obvious individual characteristics.Lu Xun once think fighting talk about revolution is the most outstanding achievements of description on Zhang Taiyan’s life.Although Zhang Taiyan thought gradually was caught to dejected in his old age,backed to the study,but he left by the number of classic revolutionary article worth thinking carefully read and future studies.The author will analyze the description on Zhang Taiyan’s revolutionary discourse,to explore the content, characteristics and value and communication meaning,and then make use of Zhang Taiyan’s contribution to the revolutionary cause of public opinion to sound.This paper,the author mainly description in the revolution of newspaper articles,public speaking and social activities.Combining with the social and historical environment to make a study of the formation of the revolutionary discourse background and to the content of the revolutionary discourse analysis;then,based on the communication of professional knowledge,analysis and description on the spread of revolutionary discourse strategy; finally,explain the communication significance of description on the revolutionary discourse.
Keywords/Search Tags:Zhang Taiyan, revolutionary discourse, discourse analysis, communication meaning
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