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Marx And Engels' Thoughts On Urban-rural Relationship And Its Development In Contemporary China

Posted on:2020-05-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330575959625Subject:Basic principles of Marxism
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Marx and Engels' idea of urban-rural relationship was born in the 1940 s.At that time,the major capitalist countries in Europe completed the industrial revolution,the productivity was greatly improved,the urbanization developed rapidly,and the class contradictions became more and more acute.Marx and Engels combined with the social situation at that time,absorbed and borrowed the thoughts of urban and rural development by the Utopian socialists and classical political economists.From the perspective of human society history,they elaborated on the different stages of the development of urban-rural relations,that is,the same stage of urban and rural development.Urban and rural separation and opposition stages and urban and rural integration stages.They deeply analyzed the origin of cities in the same period of urban and rural areas,analyzed the reasons for the gradual separation of urban and rural areas under capitalist conditions,expounded the important influence of urban and rural opposition,and revealed the inevitability and main ways to achieve urban-rural integration in the future.Marx and Engels' thoughts on urban-rural relations are also the theoretical basis for the idea of Chinese-style Marxist urban-rural relations.Since the founding of the People's Republic of China,Mao Zedong's urban and rural development thoughts,Deng Xiaoping's urban and rural mutual development development thoughts after the reform and opening up,Jiang Zemin's urban and rural development ideas,Hu Jintao's further deepening urban and rural development ideas,and the new era of Xi Jinping's development of urban and rural integration It is the further innovation and development of Marx and Engels' urban-rural relationship thought in contemporary China.Studying Marx and Engels' urban-rural relationship thoughts still has important theoretical significance and practical enlightenment for realizing the development of urban-rural integration in China.On the one hand,Marx and Engels' s idea of urban-rural relationship has laid a solid theoretical foundation for Marxist urban-ruralrelationship,provided a basic value orientation,provided a scientific methodology for the current study of urban-rural relations in China,and provided the current implementation of rural revitalization strategy in China.An important theoretical guide.On the other hand,it will help promote the development of modern agriculture,accelerate the construction of new urbanization,protect the urban and rural ecological environment,promote the integration of urban and rural culture,and promote the further development of urban and rural integration in China in the new era.
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