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Study Of Process Reengineering Of Chinese Urban Bloc Governments’ One-stop Public Service

Posted on:2015-06-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y LuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330431967050Subject:Administrative Management
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In recent years, with the construction of service-oriented government has intensifiedand the civic consciousness has awakened, public service of the government hasattracted widespread attention. In order to improve the quality of public service, thegovernment has learned from the enterprise to introduce the ‘‘one-stop service". Sinceit appeared, one-stop public service has been expected a lot by the public. To someextent, one-stop public service has indeed improve the quality of public service. Withthe continuous progress of urbanization, it has become more and more important thatthe government should strengthen the management of urban. As the basic element ofthe city which is an organic system, city blocs have become the city’s survival anddevelopment foundation. What’s more, the city-bloc-government has become themost direct and frequent and important contact channels between the government andurban resident. With the continuous expanding of the population scale, the amount ofresid’ents demands and requests for public services has been increasing. However,due to the lack of systematic theoretical research and scientiifc planning,one-stoppublic services of urban bloc government have presented many problems. Amongthem, the problem of service process is the most serious. At present, most publicservice processes are rigid, isolated and lack of coordination. As result, the quality ofpublic services are low. In order to improve the quality of public services, urban blocgovernment must improve the delivery and quality of public services. This paper isexactly based on such background and wants to study on how to reengineer one-stoppublic services of Chinese urban bloc government. The author expects to help blocgovernments improve their capacity and quality of providing public services. This paper takes one-stop public service process reengineering of Chinese urban blocgovernment as the object of study and some theories such as the new public servicetheory as theoretical basis. Atfer classifying the status of one-stop public serviceprocess reengineering of Chinese urban bloc government and empirically analyzingthe situation of Shanghai Pudong New Area Civic Center, this paper discusses how toreengineer one-stop public services of Chinese urban bloc government. The authorwants to help improve the quality of one-stop public services of Chinese urban blocgovernment and establish an eiffcient, high-quality service-oriented government. Theauthor believes that, in order to achieve the desired results, the urban bloc governmentshould rather reengineer its one-stop public service processes drastically than justimprove the processes. What’s more, in order to obtain the desired effect, we shouldnot only reengineer the background processes of the one-stop public service, but alsoreengineer the foreground ones.
Keywords/Search Tags:urban bloc, one-stop service, process reengineering
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