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One-Stop Service Obstruction Problem And Countermeasure Research

Posted on:2008-09-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y X LingFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360215477298Subject:Public Management
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The Communist Party's 16th session of National People's Congress pointed out: "We must deepen the reform of administration and management systems, further transform the government functions, improve the management ways,advance the E-government, enhance the administrative efficiency, reduce the administrative cost, form the administration and management system which has standard behaviors,correspond operation,honesty and transparency,uncorruption and efficiency as well." The E-government,which takes "one-stop service" as the purpose,which impels our national economy information development, will be able to have the transformative influence to our politics economics and society life now and the future. Presently, With the quickening of the transition paces of the function of our government and promotion of E-government work, the construction of "administrative service centre " and "one-stop" online working platform and so on all already work in various degree. These organizations have already begun to play a certain role in promoting government's administrative efficiency, however, our country administrative system reforms comparatively slowly, management function has not been straighten out, when we observe carefully and study a present so-called " one-stop " or " one-hall " service,there are a lot of problems of obstructing to serve,such as the window display, advisory services are not in place , information collects more troublesome, exists two bosses phenomenon and so on.But these so forth questions also become the key which precisely hinder the reform of all "one-stop service" idears. The "one-stop service",which is studied and discussed in this text,means transport in real work using " one-stop" all kinds of operation entity of service theory mainly, including administrative service centre, "one-stop service" platform,etc.This text mainly probes into the problems of using the theory of "one-stop" service to exist in practical operation and some origins of problems, presents with the actual related proposals, diligently inquires into how to function the "one-stop service" better, effectively improves the government's ability , effectively improves government management process,then carries on research and discussion for constructing the service government in theory.
Keywords/Search Tags:one-stop service, government function, problem, process reengineering
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