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The Research Of Government Process Reengineering On Supply Of Public Service In Urban Communities

Posted on:2012-04-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2246330392951861Subject:Public Management
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Urban communities are the joints of urban governments and the society. Inthe past few years, on the background of increasingly short supply of publicservice in chinese urban communities, new development trend of socialgovernance, and the accelerating transformation of government functions, it’sneed of social construction of which the government tries to improve thepeople’s livelihood in community and to promote social harmony as the keycontents, as well as the need of promoting service efficiency for buildingcommunity co-government, to rich and perfect the supply of public service inurban communities. Government process reengineering (GPR), which aims toascending the change of mode that urban governments follow to provide publicservice in community, is an effective way to rich and perfect the supply of publicservice in urban communities. When GPR is applied to supply of public servicein urban communities, not only should public service in urban communities bescreened and distinguished, but also should GPR be founded with feasible adequate path. Meanwhile, stable relationship in longterm should be establishedfor it to be a way that is ready be promoted and used. Taking ShanghaiChangning District as an example, the article has deeply analyzed thebackgrounds, drivers, process of practice and existing problems and then givesspecific solutions and suggestion for GPR on supply of public service in urbancommunities so as to finding theoritical explanations for riching the practicalapplication and future development of GPR in our government, also to providenew view of analysis and practice methods to support the subject of socialconstruction that our government is facing now. GPR on supply of publicservice in urban communities is based on the recognition of communitycharacteristics, the recognition of classification of public service in communityand feasibility analysis so that the applicable scope of GPR could be defined.And the next step is to chooce mode reasonably and to introduce performanceevaluation as security.
Keywords/Search Tags:urban community, public service, government, process-reengineering
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