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Research On The Comeback Mechanism Of Administrative Accountability Officials In China

Posted on:2014-01-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:G D LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330452462935Subject:Administrative Management
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With the gradual implementation of the administrative accountability system to SARSoccurred since2003, the rapid development of administrative accountability, a large numberof officials to be held accountable in some of the major events in dismissal, resignation.Andmost of the administrative accountability officials comeback shortly quietly in a short time,rapid comeback,time comeback reason unknown, hidden back program attracted theattention of the masses.Most people think that we cultivate an outstanding cadres are not easy,whether it is the spirit of "play political rationality of the waste heat" or "Correctional formerJoseph, saving lives," the masses can accept officials comeback, but the officials how to makethe masses convinced who satisfaction the difficulties of administrative accountabilitycomeback officials.Accompanied by a high-profile accountability is the accountability ofofficials, low-key comeback, which becomes social problems after the administrativeaccountability of officials of the whereabouts. Officials to be held accountable is quick,frequent quietly comeback, not only undermine the government’s image and credibility, butalso weaken the warning and punishing the role of administrative accountability, amounted toless than administrative accountability effect."Power comes with responsibility, with the rightsubject to supervision" is today the basic principles of democracy and the rule of law, thedevelopment of a culture of accountability to promote the improvement of the people’s senseof accountability, more and more people are slowly beginning to pay attention to theaccountability of officials to pay and added to which this team.In this case, we should not only improve the administrative accountability system, andwe must establish a sound administrative accountability officials comeback mechanism fromthe root causes of the chaos officials sick comeback radical administrative accountabilitysystem so as to promote health development.This essay tack comeback from the officials ofthe Administrative Accountability theory and elements to the current situation and existing problems, causes harm paper related concepts defined; which analysis of the list of the status;detailed analysis of the problems and causes and hazards also enumerated.We sound takeadministrative accountability officials comeback mechanism in case of the foreignadministrative accountability learn practical countermeasures.Establishing administrative the accountability officials comeback mechanism is astep-by-step process, its must be a clear positioning, but also effective co-ordination and otheradministrative powers of oversight mechanisms.We establish the powers and responsibilitiesof clear legal procedures, openness and fairness back system at the same time;, we also needto promote a culture of accountability and create accountability atmosphere, we want toestablish a sound administrative accountability officials comeback laws and regulations toprovide legal protection,other supporting security mechanism to further improve, promptingChina to the early completion of responsible government, the rule of law, government,services, government and efficient government.
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