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The Research Of Urban Public Goods Supply Mechanism That Oriented By Demand

Posted on:2016-05-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Urbanization is one of the important forces that promote the development of the society. With the rapid development of the urbanization, urban residents have a great change in their demand about urban public goods. Under this situation, the traditional public goods supply mode that makes the government as the center is no longer applicable. In order to achieve the balance between the urban public goods demand and supply, this article selects the demand leads as a new perspective. Through the analysis of public goods demand of urban residents, then with the aid of the demand management process, we can achieve the balance between the urban public goods demand and supply. In order to promote our city development better.The article summarized the public goods and the public goods demand firstly, because have a preliminary understanding about the public goods demand is the basis to achieve the balance between the urban public goods demand and supply. Then the article demonstrates the relationship between the public goods demand and the formation、development of the city. At the same time, the article summarized the definition of urban public goods and its characteristics. Then the article analyzed the level of the public goods demand, affecting factors of it and how to meet those demand.Urban public goods supply is another important factor to achieve the balance between public goods demand and supply. After the analysis of the urban public goods demand, the article made corresponding again into reality view. Then the article analyzed mechanism of public goods supply, the historical evolution of the public goods supply mechanism in our country, and the problems of it, and the cause of the problems. Now the article completes the basic analysis between public goods demand and supply. What is the gap between demand and supply, and how to balance it?The last chapter of the article focus on how to build an ideal public goods supply mechanism through demand management process. This part presents how to build an ideal mechanism through urban public goods demand expression, urban public goods demand recognition and urban public goods supply decision-making and implementation.
Keywords/Search Tags:Urban Public Goods, Public Goods Demand, The Balance Between Demand and Supply
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