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Study On Influencing Factors Of The Ecological Migration Borrowing In Southern Shaanxi

Posted on:2016-08-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The south of Shaanxi Province is the area where natural disasters always happen.Its ecological environment is vulnerable and its economic development is at low level.The local residents’ living conditions is bad.To relieve the disasters, protect the ecological environment and improve the residents’ level of life,Shaanxi Provincial Government formulated the policy that aimed at eliminating poverty and relieving the ecological environment in the long term. However, there are a plenty of problems during the implementation of the policy.One of the most severe problems is that the spending of most relocated households increases hugely,meanwhile, the income remains the same.As a consequence, most relocated households cannot make their ends meet.Also, that makes them produce borrowing needs.However, severe credit constraints phenomenon exist in Chinese rural financial market so that the rural households’ credit demand cannot be met. Hence, based on the NSFC, the theory uses Logistic to analyze the data from Ankang and Shangluo to find out the influencing factors of the relocated households’ credit behavior in the south of Shaanxi Province. The framework of the theory is as follows:Chapter One: Introduction. It mainly introduces the background and purpose of the research, domestic and overseas reviews about ecological migration and rural finance.It also shows the research ideas and methods.Chapter Two: The Basic Theory. It introduces domestic and overseas main reviews in perspective of ecological migration and rural finance.The theory about ecological migration contains the concept and type of ecological migration, sustainable development theory, population migration theory, ecological economy theory and poverty theory. The theory about rural finance contains agricultural subsidies credit theory, the rural financial market theory, imperfect competition market theory and motivation and order of rural households’ credit behavior.Chapter Three:The basic characteristics of the relocated households’ credit behaviors. It analyzes the relocated households’ borrowing channels, borrowing use, amount of loan, life of loan and the reason for not choosing the formal financial institutions by descriptive statistical analysis.Chapter Four:Empirical analysis of influencing factors of the relocated households’ credit behaviors. Firstly, it contains the source of data and index selection. Secondly, it builds the theory hypothesis. Finally, it analyzes the effect of every single factors by Logistic.Chapter Five:Conclusion.It contains the conclusion of the theory and suggestions.
Keywords/Search Tags:ecological migration, credit behavior, influencing factors
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