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Study On The New Village Construction Of Reservoir Resettlement By Using The Policy Of Increase And Decrease Connection Of Urban And Rural Land

Posted on:2016-09-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Reservoir resettlement is a kind of involuntary immigration. Due to the large water conservancy project construction, the residents are forced to remove from their homes. The number of the existing large and medium-sized reservoir resettlement in china that needed to be supported has reached to about 24 billions, and most of these people are the descendants of the former immigrants because of the reservoir construction before the reform and opening up. Although our country introduced a series of policies to help the immigrants solve their life problems after the reform and opening up, there are still difficulties in the livings of the reservoir immigrants, so the innovations in both theory and practice are urgently needed.The Policy of Increase and Decrease Connection of Urban and Rural Construction Land is an important management measure introduced by our country to relieve the pressure on land requirement and balance urban and rural development. The implementation of the policy not only invigorates the stock of rural construction land, but also effectively alleviates the pressure of the construction land expansion to agricultural land. This policy and the reservoir resettlement has some natural similarity, so this paper made comprehensive survey of the Xingyang City, Henan Province, Shandong province Changle county, Yongan City, Fujian Province, Nanchuan District of Chongqing, summarizes that how the policy is used to broaden the financing channels in resettlement, thus change the production life of farmers. Moreover, with expectation to make the conditional application scope clearly about the policy, this article summarizes the experiences and common problems of promoting reservoir resettlement by using this policy, in order to promote the application of the policy better.Through the "theoretical study-Empirical Analysis-Countermeasures" logic analysis framework, this paper introduces the experience, existing problems and corresponding solutions in different regions applied the policy, concludes that the policy provided funding and policy support for the immigrant work and pushed forward to the improvement of the production level of immigration and the living conditions. However, there is no ready-made template to follow in the practices of the Policy of Increase and Decrease Connection of Urban and Rural Construction Land. With the use the policy to promote reservoir resettlement village construction, it is easy to lead to many policy distortions in different regions with different natural and social economic conditions, such as the balance of funds, follow-up development of immigration, improvement of life and other aspects of the reservoir area, etc., on the basis of the causes of the problem, the paper gives the corresponding policy suggestion.In a word, there are still many immature places in the combination of reservoir immigration and this policy, how to make the practice brings benefit needs to be further explored, so that the policy can be promoted to a greater extent.
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