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Study On The Supply Of Fire Control Public Services In China From The Perspective Of Multi Center Theory

Posted on:2016-01-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the development of industrial society, people more and more tend to be highly concentrated materials, increase safety, fire protection services as an important public service, the supply mode with the transformation of government functions also need to make corresponding adjustments. The fire services fire prevention, fire is mainly based on a series of services, disaster relief, emergency rescue. In the process of building a service-oriented government, rational and effective use of fire police, fire and public services will belong to the government public management functions, from the fire service fire management to change, is an important content of the construction of service type government. This paper is divided into five partsThe first part is the introduction, introduces the research of fire public service supply of background and significance of the topic, the domestic and foreign research present situation of the public service of fire and the ideas of this research and innovation.The second part is the related concepts and theoretical basis of interpretation. Defines the concept of public service, the public service in this paper, and the connotation of multi center theory and service-oriented government carried out a detailed review on the definition and. That public service is a general term of all services provided to the public. The fire service provides the fire prevention and fire rescue activities, etc.. The biggest feature is the diversification of public service responsibility main body. Multi center theory has been widely used in the field of public service, to deal with the "tragedy of the commons" and the dilemma of collective action. Service oriented government is "taking people as the center" of the government, the key is to meet the needs of the public.The third part is on the fire of public service supply mode in our country is summarized, that China’s current supply of public services can be divided into the government supply, market supply mode and the mode of social organization supply mode. The government supply mode of the continuation of the traditional management mode of fire, the administrative power is dominant mode. Market supply mode is the process of the transformation of government functions, government forces withdraw, the main part of the market into the field of fire with fire service supply model. Supply mode of social organization refers to the social power supply for the main mode, its main feature is a non-profit nature. The three modes of force is single, lack adaptability and flexibility is not sustainable in the supply of public service.The fourth part analyzes the existing fire protection of public service supply problem in china. The fire service system for the regional gap, the market is unable to provide the public service, grass-roots fire public service "paralysis", the public service provider of their own shortcomings. The reason for these problems is the contradiction between the two structure in urban and rural areas, the imbalance of resource allocation, market profit and non-profit public service.The fifth part puts forward the Countermeasures of China’s public service multi center supply. The main build diversified supply mode, legal system, improve the public fire supply clear the government’s main responsibility, integration of fire power, the establishment of joint law enforcement departments platform.
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