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Research On Food Safety Supervision And Management System In China

Posted on:2015-09-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In recent years, domestic food security is still a major event after another, increasing social harm, which led to the attention of news media and public about this issue. Food safety issues related to people’s health and trust in the government’s ruling ability. The supervision and administration of food safety as the primary premise of food security, has attached great importance by central to local governments. To ensure food safety, protect the public health and life safety, and meet the needs of economic and social development, The food safety law of the People’s Republic of China promulgated in2009, established the scientific management system on the basis of food safety risk monitoring and evaluation, the central committee of CPC passed the central committee of the communist party of China on certain major issue decision related to comprehensively deepen reform in2013. In the same year, the reform and function transformation plan of agency under the state council issued, making further reform to the food safety supervision and management system.How to regulate the role of the existing law fundamentally, play new guidance effects of the policies enacted, clean food market, is China’s security department must seriously think about. How to strengthen supervision, improve regulatory science and technology capacity, clear positioning functions of relevant departments, is the importance of this content.Research of this paper is divided into five parts:The first part of the introduction to make a brief introduction to the research background, current status and methods.The second part to clarify the concept of food safety as the breakthrough point, from the externality, information asymmetry and risk control concepts to analyzes the theory basis of food safety regulation, finally from the two aspects of food safety standards, food safety accidents disposal to introduce the design principle of regulation in food safety law of our country. In the third part, the food safety supervision and management mode of the main countries and regions are introduced, this part summarizes the existing two models of international food safety supervision and management, namely to Canada and Germany as representative’s relatively concentrated regulation mode, the varieties of classification regulation model represented by the United States, Japan, and the process of segmented regulatory model represented by France; In the fourth part, from the change such as regulatory responsibilities, regulation system, regulatory content, summarize the development of China’s food safety supervision and management system, and to take food safety events in recent years as example to summarize the defects of China’s food safety regulatory system, namely regulatory system defects caused by overlapping of power and responsibilities in some departments, defects of industry standards by do not have a unified national standards system, and defects of Information disclosure system due to information channel is not smooth. The fifth part, put forward feasible suggestions to China’s food safety supervision and management system reform.The research of this article conclude, we should start from the adjustment of food safety law, gradually promote the reform of food supervision and management system, thus to fundamentally make up vulnerability of the food safety regulatory system. In particular, we should take respective management as basis, to coordinate, and give full play to the food safety commission to coordinate functions. From the implementation of social work in food safety supervision arid management, improve the food safety standards system and food safety technical regulation system, improve the food safety management certification system, efforts to promote and implement the responsibilities of food safety law.
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