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A Study On The Development Of Community Voluntary Organizations

Posted on:2015-06-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:F LinFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330467962468Subject:Public administration
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Along with aging of population, increasing gap between the rich and the poor, reform going to deep end and various society contradiction appearing, there is in dire need of fully play various force to strengthen social governance. Community is the basic unit of society governance. The community voluntary organization, which is the important power of society governance, can effectively take part in community public service, e.g. medical treatment, helping the poor, rescuing and relieving work, legal consulting, dispute resolution, elderly services, and psychological counseling, etc.The paper respectively uses systematical analysis method to analyze the development goals, the supply of the factors, the motivation system and management system for the development of community voluntary organization; uses case analysis method to study and analyze the development of Fuzhou Red Cross voluntary organization. Analysis shows that there are problems with respect to development factor supply and development motivation system in the development of community voluntary organization in China. And the paper also analyzes the good experience of American community voluntary organization, and then put forward the proposals for promoting the development of community voluntary organization in China from the society, the government and the organizations.The paper is divided into five parts. The first part clarifies the background and significance of the study, reviews the status quo of the research, and introduces research content, related concepts and theoretical basis, as well as research methods and purposes; The second part conducts systematical analysis on the development of community voluntary organization.It discussed the development goals, such as providing voluntary services, enhancing spiritual civilization, promoting grassroots harmony, improving living quality and et al, external environment, internal incentive mechanism and organizational system factors of community voluntary organization. The third part introduces the status quo of Fuzhou Red Cross voluntary organization. Analyze the problems of the voluntary organization from development goals, development factors, and motivation mechanism. The fourth part describes the experience of development of American community voluntary organizations, as well as comparative analysis with the Chinese community voluntary organizations. The fifth part proposes theoretically the guiding principles and countermeasures to community voluntary organizations of China, that is to say firstly to advocate voluntary spirit; secondly reasonably position between government and voluntary organizations; thirdly improve the incentive mechanism to improve the efficiency of voluntary service; finally perfect the organizational system of voluntary organizations.
Keywords/Search Tags:Community Governance, the Voluntary Service, Voluntary Organization, Impetus mechanism
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