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The Research About The Party And Government’s Leadership Cadre Selection And Appointment System

Posted on:2016-11-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330470974996Subject:Chinese Communist Party
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It is important for the government to get right people.The lines, principles and policies of the Communist Party of China in the final analysis rely on people to perform, in particular the specific leadership of party and government leaders, participation, implementation, monitoring and improvement. So how more scientific, better selection and appointment of Party and government leaders to cadres, and to the scientific and standardized system to develop and implement plays an vital role on the development of our government. In the specific implementation of the principles and policies, in addition to promoting the party and government leaders need to seriously, but also need real feedback of party and government leaders. Pushing for the major policies for the benefit of the people, the feedback is the next major policies for the benefit of the people, both significant. The selection and appointment of leading cadres, especially leading cadres outstanding, will help improve the party’s own decision-making problems arise, but also help improve the party building, promotion of the party and the people to contact, promote the party’s decision-making more stickers popular In short, the full knowledge, understanding and study of this important issue, in favor of the construction of a huge high-quality cadres to ensure the party always become strong core of leadership.This paper will be based on research-based government leading cadre selection and appointment system respectively from the theoretical basis and the development process, the reality of the problem and cause analysis the lessons and develop the countermeasures analysis of multi-dimensional multi-level party and government leading cadre selection and appointment system. To achieve historical investigation of the system itself and the many factors that influence the system and future thinking, historical development and the future will combine thinking leading cadres selection and appointment system, identify problems, summarize and analyze problems and to do its utmost to make available for reference response methods.
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