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Investigation On The Selection And Appointment Of Leading Party And Government Cadres In Yingshang County

Posted on:2021-04-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330647455423Subject:Public management MPA
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At present,with the continuous advancement of China's socialist modernization,the county-level field assumes important and specific responsibilities.Party and government leading cadres below the county level are important forces to maintain the power at the grass-roots level.Their own quality and ability determine whether the functions of party and government organs at the grass-roots level can be effectively brought into play.Therefore,it is very important to explore the selection and appointment of party and government leading cadres below the county level.Excellent leading cadres are an important source of cohesion of the masses and an important factor of forming regional competitiveness.The demonstration on the selection and appointment of cadres below the county level is conducive to providing new viewpoints,approaches and methods for strengthening party management of cadres,maintaining the political ecology within the party,fighting against corruption,and improving internal and external supervision.This article through to the county party and government cadres in different period involving the comparison of selected work,combined with small county in some typical irregularities exist in the process of selecting the leading cadres illegal cases and novelty in recent years were investigated on many of the leading cadres reflect the abuse of non-standard phenomena,such as literature,through consulting,research conducted questionnaire survey,group interview,scientific tease out on county party and government leading cadres' selection work on the basis of the core idea,theoretical basis and the specific guidelines and rules and regulations,And stands on existing in the work of county party and government leadershipcadre selection and appointment,cadres structure unreasonable,super positions with cadres,cadres rotational communication is not smooth,lack of the cultivation of the reserve cadres,cadres motion nomination and recommend the lack of a scientific and democratic,cadre selection investigation methods of the single,discussion and decision appointing cadres reflect democracy is not obvious,the cadre evaluation mechanism is not sound,the cadre selection and appointment,supervision is not effective,responsibility for the work of cadre selection and appointment,a series of problems and the reason was not clear to rational analysis.Proposed to the party and government leading cadres resource optimize configuration,further optimize the procedures of the party and government leadership cadre selection and appointment,widen the channel of the party and government leading cadres and personnel supervision,advice,and increase the depth of the reform of the cadre and personnel system and dynamics,efforts to provide a reference for strengthening the construction of county cadres on innovative ideas,thus we should county on the stands with the work to make the most comprehensive improvement of science.
Keywords/Search Tags:Leading party and government cadres, The selection and appointment of, The grass-roots level, The personnel system
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