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Study Of The Ruling Inner-party Democracy

Posted on:2005-12-30Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:L Z XiaFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360122485478Subject:Doctrine of the party and party building
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China has entered a new stage of development in overall constructing a well-being society and rapid advancing socialist modernization at the onset of 21st century. In the context of the deeply changed situation at home and abroad, if the Communist Party of China can stand at the head of the trend of the day, and unite and lead the Chinese people of all nationalities to realize the sacred mission of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation that the history and the present era have entrusted it, it must constantly enhance its own building and improve its level of leadership and governance, for which it is an indispensable subject to develop the inner-Party democracy. The report of the 16th National Congress of the CPC points out, "inner-Party democracy is the life of the Party", which is the scientific conclusion that the CPC has got from historical experience, and also a further deepened understanding of the ruling law of the Communist Party by the CPC. Interest is the root and aim of politics. Democracy is the political form that members of ruling class mediate the contradiction of interest among themselves through exercising and realizing right in equal and free way, and interest is the aim and root of the development of democratic politics. Whether there is an inexorable relation between interest and developing inner-Party democracy for the CPC as the ruling party? Since there is a partial understanding of the interest of the ruling party itself over a long period of time, interest is out of the normal talking of inner-Party politics. Whether the ruling party actually has its own interest or not? Is there any interest within the Party? It is a basic question. Objectively, the CPC has its own interest like all of other political organizations. Because of its advanced nature, the CPC's interest is identical to the basic interest of the people. Individual party member also has his own interest, which is the motivation for his participating inner-Party politics. Interest is the logic starting-point for developing inner-Party democracy mainly because inner-Party interest relations and interest contradictions and social interests and the changes of some relative elements have impact on the ruling party. On the basis of this understanding, this thesis tries to give a new theoretical framework and analysis and offers a new thinking for developing inner-Party democracy through using the relations between interests and developing the democracy within the ruling party as the theoretical foundation of argument.The thesis consists of foreword and seven chapters. The main contents of the seven chapters are as follows.The first chapter is titled "Inner-Party democracy is the life of the CPC". On the basis of analyzing the connotation of democracy and the implication, features, rules and trend of the democracy of inner-party, this chapter sets forth the important significance of developing the inner-Party democracy of the CPC and points out that inner-Party democracy is the source of the vitality of the CPC. The second chapter is titled "The theoretical development process of inner-Party democracy". This chapter gives a brief account of the gradually deepened theoretical understanding of inner-Party democracy from Marx and Engles, Lenin to the CPC.The third chapter is titled "Interest: the logic starting-point of developing inner-Party democracy". This chapter is the basis of argument and also the key part in the thesis. The chapter sets forth the interest formation and interest relations of the inner-party and the theoretical and practical bases that interest promotes the democratic development of inner-party .It points out that establishing the relations between interest and the development of inner-Party democracy has practical significance. The fourth chapter is titled "Democratic rights: the important basis of the development of inner-Party democracy". Democratic rights are the important prerequisite for the realization of party members' interests (both the interests of party...
Keywords/Search Tags:Inner-Party democracy, Interest, Democratic rights, Institution system, Social transformation, the People'S democracy
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