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An Environmental Protection Study Of Reservoir Resettlement

Posted on:2015-05-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330479982208Subject:Environmental Engineering
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Hydro project including hydropower project and impoundment project, and the Hydro project construction will bring resettlement. However, the environmental protection in the process of resettlement is particularly important. In this paper, take the Wu Dongde hydropower project as an example, detailed analysis of the environmental issues of resettlement areas.Wu Dongde hydropower project is a large hydraulic system. The whole project is divided into five parts, including transport area, reservoir inundation area, multipurpose project area, resettlement areas and special facilities rehabilitation area. Wu Dongde hydropower construction has played a huge economic and social benefits in flood control, irrigation, water supply, power generation and shipping, aquaculture. And has played an important role for the sustained, steady and rapid development. Among them, resettlement and environmental issues are important issues related to the successful implementation of the project and whether the benefits of development, we must conduct a comprehensive study and analysis to these issues.This paper has analyzed the environmental impacts of the resettlement areas in two different phases, pointed out the impact of the resettlement construction period is mainly occupied land, destruction of vegetation, water pollution, ecological influence, etc. And operators of sewage discharge, increased soil erosion, waste discharge imp act on the natural environment.For the adverse impact of resettlement on the environment, developed the corresponding protective measures: the construction period mainly for water protection, soil erosion protection, solid waste pollution control, environmental control of atmospheric effects work; operators period is mainly considered about ecological agriculture established, immigration resettlement area sewage treatment system design, garbage disposal and other major effective protective measures. Which, combined with the dry hot valley of the natural environment and the characteristics of the actual situation in some of the many slopes settlements, discussed the specific mode of complex development of ecological agriculture in resettlement areas, access to ecological protection, erosion control, in order to increase the overall efficiency of immigrants. Secondly, the use of technology terraced slope change can improve the efficiency of land use and effective erosion control. The appropriate measures have certain significance in water conservancy projects in resettlement areas of environmental protection. Finally, two questions to be studied, how to train the immigration’s environment awareness and how to establish the ecological industry.
Keywords/Search Tags:Hydropower Engineering, Resettlement, Environmental Protection, Ecological Agriculture
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