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The Experience And Enlightenment Of The Adstractive Reform Of Kim Dae-jung Government In South Korea

Posted on:2017-04-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In the second half of 1997, the onslaught of a financial crisis caused the hardest hit to the Republic of Korea economy since the Second World War, including of stock market crash, South Korean Won devaluation,a spate of factory closures, increasing unemployment rate, rapid decline of foreign exchange reserve and facing the bankruptcy crisis.As the financial crisis becoming more and more serious in February 1998, at this time, Kim Dae-jung was sworn in as the fifteen President of South Korea. Kim,who vigorously pushed politics reform for his entire life, taking office in the midst of the economic crisis. After Kim took office he made a basket of reforms, which touch the field of financial, large enterprises, industrial structure, public sector and so on. Kim also claimed to take one and half year to end the trusteeship from the International Monetary Fund.Incredibly, Kim dae-jung’s government had taken a series of measures were quite effective, which successfully stopped the further development of the financial crisis, to quell social discontent and crisis of political confidence. And for this reason, the painful economic restructuring helped the Republic of Korea economy to make a rapid recovery among those Southeast Asia countries from the deep recession. The research object of this article is the administration reform of the Kim dae-jung’s government.From the late 1970 s last century, our country moved a great historical process for beginning its new policy of reform and opening-up. After more than 20 years, our administration reform has leapt forward since we followed the policy of reform and opening-up. In the process of putting down the government power, transforming the government functions, adjusting administration regionalization and operating mechanism of administrative reform,which had propelled to new great project of establishing the public service government. Nevertheless, although our accelerated the pace of administrative reform has made significant progress, there was a wide gap between the development of the socialist market economic system and the request of building socialist political civilization.Therefore, we should keep exploring between theory and practice so that it would push forward the administration reform of our country. And the public sector awarded by the nation with public power, needs to put target of protecting the common benefits of the community, conducting all kinds of public business out of public view, providing statutory service for all members of society. It reflects the most directly executive for implementing the administrative reforms. The rationality of public sector’s instruction directly affects the efficiency of the bureaucrats and people’s faith in their government. This article analyzes administration reform of the Kim dae-jung’s government from its success. Through this way getting some inspiration to our country’s current administration reform.
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