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The Dialectical Analysis Between The Theory Of Enterprise Government And The Reform Of Chinese Administration System

Posted on:2008-08-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:D Y LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360215999352Subject:Marxist philosophy
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The theory of enterprise government mixes the management mode of enterprise and the spirit of enterpriser into the administration of government, and acquired great achievement in the practice. At the present, the administration system reform in China has step into a crucial period of its hard time, some quintessence of the theory of enterprise government, which are suit to our reform can be fully utilized. In the brief narrate of this theory; we expect to find some suitable reform plan for Chinese administration. The theory of enterprise government is a theory that uses the spirit of enterpriser and the artifice of enterprise management to build a higher efficiency government. The foundation of this theory is a new theory of public management that is current in the field of administration nowadays, Osborn concluded its character into"Ten Characters"and"Five Cs Plan"and it has different evaluations from different people in Theory field. The current administration system reform in China is carrying out in a specific administration environment, it has a reform object that is different from those in the past and those of other countries, it means to build a Socialist Market Economy System with Chinese Features, support Non-government Organizations'development greatly and move forward the change of government's management deeply and constantly make the personnel system more perfect. The combination of the theory of enterprise government and Chinese Administration System will be sure to cause some conflicts. At the same time when we use the theory of enterprise government for reference on the guide of Marxism Theory, we analyze the current situation of administration system reform in China, integrate the theory with practice, and bring the concepts of bring forth new ideas, customers, efficiency, keep lookout and resist risk into the enterprise management, build a highly efficient and honest government that direct by market and management experience of outstanding enterprise, which has established a concept of cost and insisted on"Customers First, Service Supreme".
Keywords/Search Tags:Enterprise Government, China, Administration Reform
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