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The Research On The Evaluation System Of Urban Community Elderly Service Facilities Based On Aging In Place

Posted on:2016-12-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:D QiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330482968567Subject:Architectural Design and Theory
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In the backdrop of the global population aging,a large number of statistics were sorted out to show of the severity of the aging population in our country.A great degree of pressure and contradictions will be gradually emerging. As China is a developing country,the level of economic development could not meet the needs of the population aging.Therefore, based on the situation of the developing countries,the key to solve the problem at present is carrying out the suitable policy for the situation of community.In the policy environment that based on aging in place,choosing for aging family pension mode which is beneficial for large numbers of people is an effective solution.At the present stage of our country,one of the most viable method to solve the rapid aging problem is that the construction of urban community elderly service facilities.The paper started from the urban community elderly service facilities research.Then summarized the status of this type of facilities, researched the satisfaction and the demand of the elder in urban community.Sorted out the status issues from the field survey.There are issues in terms of architectural design, regional distribution,and management operations.Then located the position of the urban elder community services facilities support system,which in the Sciences of Human Settlement and the planning strategy of city aging friendly community. The support system of urban elder community services facilities includes policy guidance, planning and configuration,buliding classification,the building function configuration and area index.The basic elements of this system includes that grading configuration, recreational type, area index, the elderly people’s living conditions and the elderly people’s physical condition.Therefore, there are three types in the system as following,first-class, second-class, third-class. Divided the urban community elder services facilities building into types is an important basis, for establishing the evaluation system.According to above research result, and the method of the Analytic Hierarchy Process, the evaluation system of urban community elder services facilities was bulit. On the basis of key points of design which comes from property characteristics of the elderly and attributive character of urban community elder services facilities.In order to examine the evaluation system,the research result was applied to evaluating the three types of community elder services facilities which was surveyed at last. The evaluation results were analyzed and the optimization suggestions were proposed.The evaluation system of urban community elder services facilities could be used to evaluate cases,for example, comparison and analysis between the same type building,or contrast one building before and after modification,or usd by government to evaluation and supervision. The evaluation system could be sustainable development,it has deep meaning for solving social problems which brought by aging of population.
Keywords/Search Tags:Urban community elder service facilities, The Analytic, Hierarchy Process, Evaluation system, Aging in place
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