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American Asia-Pacific Re-balancing Strategy And The Repartee Of China

Posted on:2017-05-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330485483820Subject:International politics
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After the Obama administration took office, America made a new round of adjustment to its Asia policy and put forwardthe strategy of "Asia-Pacific Re-balancing", which exerted a tremendous impact on international environment, especially on China’s surrounding environment. The direct cause of taking the strategyis its worryabout China’s rise which threatens the hegemony of the United States in the Asia-pacificregion. On one hand,the reasons for the strategic adjustment of the Asia-pacific Re-balancing is due to changes of international political core elements, such as international system and some important international behavior body touching to the United States, including the rise of emerging countries like China.On the other hand, the U.S. economic crisis and social crisis within the driving changes in the American political psychology, prompts the America’s foreign policy to adjust. The United State’s historyis shorter, which leads to its stronger sensitivity of hegemony threats. It is easy to make America’s expected revenue and the foreign strategic adjustment go to the opposite ways.The United States is the most important country in current international system, and the Asia-pacific Re-balancing strategy has important international influence.America’s Asia-pacific Re-balancing strategy hopes tobalance China objectively, which makes challenge to China’s peaceful rise. In response to this challenge, China must firstly have a full understanding ofthe America’s Asia-pacific Re-balancing strategy, including its content, means and purpose. Secondly, America’s Asia-pacific Re-balancing strategy constitutes one of China’s international environment, thus China needs to grasp the influence of Asia-pacific Re-balancing strategy accurately.China should re-examine the international environment and the surrounding environment, and also determines to build the new power relations.The rise of China is facing pressure from the United States.There is a subtle relationship between China’s rise and the United States who wants to keep the world hegemony.So the United States now is hoping China’s rise goes to the direction America favors, which agrees with its value. America only cooperates with China in the concordant field, and forces China to cooperate in discordant field. To achieve this goal, the United States not only exerts pressure on China, but also employs "double standard", which is its usual practice. To cope with the pressure from the United States, China needs to make a comprehensive responsein terms of both hard and soft power. In the concrete practice, China’s strategy of One Belt One Road leads to the extensive concern and identity of the international community. China’s strategy of One Belt One Road has certain internal relation with the Asia-pacific Re-balancing strategy of the United States. The analysis of effects and prospects of America’s "Asia-pacific Re-balancing" can provide certain reference for our country.
Keywords/Search Tags:Asia-Pacific Re-balancing strategy, One Belt One Road, international configuration, diplomatic concept, strategic construction
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