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On The Transformation Of Government Functions From The Perspective Of Administrative Examination And Approval Items Changing

Posted on:2017-02-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330485962294Subject:Administrative Management
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To transform government functions lies at the core of administrative reform, since the transformation of government functions have been proposed. The 3rd Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee has put forward new requirements. "We should transform government functions, deepen the reform of the administrative system, exercise government administration in an innovative way, increase public trust in the government and improve its competence, and build a law-based and service-oriented government." The 5th Plenary Session proposed that we must deepen the reform of the administrative examination and approval system, streamline the administration and delegate more power to lower-level governments and society to further transform the government functions. We can improve the government efficiency through improving regulation and optimizing services. So that the market vitality and social creativity will be stimulated. However, it is difficult to quantify the government function from its own point of view, as it’s very abstract. So the administrative examination and approval system reform can be selected as a breakthrough.The reform of administrative examination and approval system started in 2001, since then it plays an important role in the way of transforming government functions. The practice of administrative system reform and the endeavor of transformation government functions had been years. What changes exactly happened to our government functions? How to observe and describe the transformation of government functions? In order to answer these questions, this paper chooses the reform of administrative examination and approval system as a starting point, the changes of the items as the dominant index of government functions’transformation. And this paper uses the context analysis method to analyze the policy texts of administrative examination and approval system reform. By this way, we can expand the study of transformation of government functions.Firstly, this paper describes the background and significance of the topic, and puts forward the research questions. Then it explains the main definition of government functions, government functions transformation and administrative examination and approval, on the basis of the review of literatures about the research on transformation of government functions both at home and abroad. Secondly, this paper describes the research methods and research framework based on the relevant theories. It lays emphasis on using content analysis to analyze policy texts on administrative examination and approval system from 2001-2016, which issued by the central government. This paper analyzes the changes of the administrative examination and approval items in the State Council from two dimensions:the scope of regulation and the way of regulation. Finally, comparing the similar research, this article sums up four characteristics of central government function transformation: there’s a substantial reduction in government functions, but the transformation of government functions is far from complete. The structure of government functions has turned partial development into coordinated development. The route of transforming follows a single mode, transforming is more in name than in reality. The speed is slow down, and it encounters bottleneck.
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