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Research On China-rok Relations In China’s Northeast Asia Regional Strategy

Posted on:2017-02-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330488456653Subject:International politics
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After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, according to the national and international situation at that time, China formed the foreign strategy of "reinvent the wheel", "leaning to one side", "two fists", under the guidance of those strategies, the relationship between China and South Korea is in a state of hostility, Political opposition, the economy isolated from each other, cultural exchanges basically cut off, the conflict frequently between the two countries on the Korean War left over problems and the Taiwan issue. With China’s reform and opening up, China’s economic development is established as the center of China’s national political life, according to the "one center, two basic points" and gradually formed a "independent, peaceful diplomacy" foreign strategy. Under the guidance of this strategy, China has actively developed foreign relations, and has gradually established contact with the former ideological hostility countries and eventually formally established diplomatic relations. Especially with the United States, Japan, South Korea, the normalization of relations, greatly improving the external environment of China’s development, and promoting the process of China’s reform and opening up. At the same time, with the drastic changes in Eastern Europe and the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the original region of Northeast Asia, China and Soviet Union, China and North Korea and the United States, Japan, South Korea,those two triangles all changed. The adjustment and change of the international relations in Northeast Asia has directly led to the choice of the regional strategy of China and South Korea, which has accelerated the development rapid of the relationship between China and South Korea.After the eighteen people’s Congress. Xi Jinping put forward the diplomatic thought "human beings have only one earth, and all countries live in a world.’ Common development is an important foundation for sustainable development, in accordance with the long-term interests and fundamental interests of the people of all countries.We live in a global village and we should establish a sense of common destiny firmly, conform to the trend of the times, grasp the right direction, persist in the same boat, to promote the development of Asia and the world to step on to a new level constantly.",and put forward a series of strategic initiatives that affect the world Such as the investment bank, "the Belt and Road". These initiatives have been recognized and supported by South Korea, in the joint efforts of China and South Korea, the two countries enter to a new historical period of relations.At the same time, to observe the prospect of bilateral relations, we must see soberly, not only their respective diplomatic strategy leading the China and south Korea relations, but also be interference by the external factors such as the United States and North Korea. Among them, the most obvious is that the United States returns to Asia Pacific Strategy impacting the relation between China and the South Korea, and the influence of the North Korean nuclear issue on the relationship between China and South Korea.
Keywords/Search Tags:China, South Korea, Northeast Asia regional strategy, the relationship between China and South Korea
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