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A Study On The Strategies Of Internal Quality Assurance System In Universities From The Perspective Of Quality Culture

Posted on:2015-01-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2297330422977692Subject:Higher Education
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Educational quality as the lifeline of college survival and development, hasgradually attracted attention around the world to improve the teaching quality ofhigher education has become an inevitable choice for universities to survive. As thelifeline of college survival and development, educational quality has graduallyattracted attention around the world. It is an inevitable choice for universities toimprove teaching quality of higher education. Establishing quality assurance systemsfor higher education will improve the quality of higher education. At present, eachcountry has established quality assurance system of higher education. With theimplementation of the evaluation of undergraduate teaching level in China, buildinginternal quality assurance system of universities has become a hotspot of currentresearch. How to build a scientific and effective university internal quality assurancesystem are the urgent research problems in this article.From the perspective of quality culture, this paper mainly applied education,management and quality management theories, and drawing on experience of foreignuniversity internal quality security construction, it discussed the quality cultureshortage in domestic college internal quality assurance construction, and proposedstrategies to improve the internal quality assurance system.First, this paper analyzes the connotation of the related concepts, and the maincharacteristics of internal quality assurance system as well as universities mass culture,to lay the foundation for studying the internal quality assurance system under thequality cultural perspective. Then explores the status and difficulties of theconstruction of internal quality assurance system, and points out that the biggestproblem is the absence of correct views and values--culture focus higher education’sdeveloping notion hasn’t been fully established. Meanwhile, explains the relationshipbetween the internal quality assurance system and universities mass culture.Then, onthis basis, analyzing the absence of quality culture during the construction of internalquality assurance system and its reasons. Finally, based on these studies, focusing onthe levels of spirit, institution and substance, points out the strategies to improve theinternal quality assurance system, and strive to make contributions to build long-termquality assurance mechanisms, as well as improving higher education quality.
Keywords/Search Tags:quality culture, internal quality assurance system in universities, strategy
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