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Research On The Professional Doctorate In Education British

Posted on:2017-10-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330515964120Subject:Vocational and Technical Education
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Ed.D.-the abbreviation of Professional Doctorate in Education,is a professional doctorate.It is an advanced professional degree in the field of education,aiming to cultivate the practice-oriented senior specialized talents of education.The Ed.D.project is not only well adapted to the popularization of higher education,specialization in the field of education,transformation of social labor market and university idea and other needs,but also popular with the students.The British set Professional Doctorate in Education very late but it is the most developed country of Ed.D..Literature research method,case study method and comparative research method are used in this paper,analyzing the production and development of Ed.D..I will analyze the Ed.D.'s content and characters from its training goal,standard of admission,the curriculum and training method.I choose two typical universities which set up the Ed.D.that are the University of London and the University of Glasgow and make a deep investigation of admission requirements,training scheme,training method and evaluation method.We just set up the professional doctorate of education in 2009,so we need to think and design the program with Chinese characteristics according to our national conditions seriously.Through analyzing our education of Ed.D.condition,I will make a comparation between Chinese and English Ed.D.from training goal,standard of admission,training method,cultivation years and the curriculum,according to the exiting problems.From these five items,we can raise four enlightenments for our country about the education of Ed.D.Make Ed.D.'s foster object clear and ensure it's implement in the practice.Set up scientific standard of admission of Ed.D.'s education.Choose distinguish and studying method.Establish specialized Ed.D.evaluation standard and ensure its quality.
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