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A Study On The Relationship Between Achievement Motivation, Social Support And Career Decision-making Difficulty Of Vocational College Students

Posted on:2015-07-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2297330434965286Subject:Development and educational psychology
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Career decision-making difficulty is identified as all kinds of difficulties thatencounter individuals in the process of career decision-making, from preparation tofinal decision. The potential difficulties that may occur can be divided into twocategories: pre-decision difficulties and difficulties in the process of decision-making.Those difficulties can affect the behavior of decision maker in two aspects: preventingindividuals from making decisions and keeping them from making best decisions.We are interested in the system of the influence that career decision-makingdifficulty has on vocational college students and in this research, CareerDecision-Making Difficulties Questionnaire, CDDQ(compiled by OsiPow&Gati(1996)and reversed into a Chinese version by Tian Xiulan(2001)), Social Support RevaluedScale, SSRS(compiled by Xiao Shuiyuan(1986)), Achievement Motivation Scale,AMS(compiled by T.Gjesnle&Kmjgaro(1970) and translated and reversed into aChinese version by Ye Renmin and Hagtvet. K. A(1988)) are applied to438subjectswho are students from3-year higher vocational college of Changzhou Institute ofEngineering Technology in1-3graders and5-year higher vocational college of Thecity vocational college of Jiangsu in fourth and fifth graders.We have investigated three variables of achievement motivation, social supportand career decision-making difficulty of higher vocational students, and studied thedifferences of these subjects on the three variables from different angles, such aseducational system, major and gender and we also discussed the interrelation of thethree variables as well as the mediation effect of social support betweenachievement motivation and career decision-making difficulty. The conclusions are asfollows.(1) Higher vocational college students have a medium-level career decision-makingdifficulty and social support and a lower-level achievement motivation.(2) In three dimensions of information shortage, vocational material shortage and lowself-recognition,3-year higher vocational college students score lower than5-year higher vocational college students, and boys score lower than girls. There is nosignificant difference of decision-making difficulty between different educationalsystems, majors or genders.(3) There is no significant difference of achievement motivation scores and otherdimensions of higher vocational college students between different educationalsystems, majors or genders.(4) There is no significant difference of social support scores of higher vocationalcollege students between different educational systems, majors or genders. In thedimension of objective support, the score of boys is significantly higher than thatof girls. In the dimension of utilization of support, the score of science students issignificantly higher than that of art students.(5) There are significant interrelations between social support, achievementmotivation and career decision-making difficulty. There is a negative correlationbetween achievement motivation and career decision-making difficulty.(6) There is a negative correlation between social support and career decision-makingdifficulty. And there is a positive correlation between social support andachievement motivation. All of the achievement motivation and failure-avoidingmotivation and objective support dimension in social support have predictioneffect on career decision-making difficulty.(7) Social support has mediation effect on the influence that achievement motivationhas on career decision-making difficulty.The reserch can be concluded that concerted efforts should be made by relevantpaties to lower the career decision difficulty of higher vocational college students: thestudents should cultivate achievement motivation and better utilize surrounding socialsupport; The higher vocational colleges need to establish and perfect specific careerguidance system. In the level of state policy, higher vocational education should begiven more resources.
Keywords/Search Tags:Career decision-making difficulty, Achievementmotivation, Social support, Vocational collegestudents
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