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The Research On Career Decision-making Difficulty Of The Undergraduate Students

Posted on:2007-03-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:R DuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360182489298Subject:Basic Psychology
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The research on career decision-making difficulty came from the research on career undecidness in the Westem. So far, there has been many theoretical research and empirical research respectively. During the course of the research in the Western, some questionnaires and scales have been developed to measure the career decision-making difficulty. When the cross-culture revision of career decision-making difficulties questionnaire was developed for undergraduate students, the culture adaptability has been found. Aiming at these problems, this study carried on the research into career decision-making difficulty in the cultural background of China, after enriching the concept of career decision-making difficulty in theory.The process of this study was divided into 4 stages: Firstly, items for the measure were collected by open questionnaire, and categorized by the career decision-making difficulty. After conception analysis and experts evaluation, 25 items was accepted as the measurement of career decision-making difficulty of the undergraduate students. Second, a study was implemented in 2 different colleges, and 67 valid questionnaires were collected. By using the item analysis, the study deleted 6 items. Thirdly, measure in advance was implemented. Through advance measure, the study collected 231 valid data from 4 different colleges. By using the exploratory factor analysis, a four-component construct of career decision-making difficulty was firmed. The four factors were named as exploration of the occupation information, exploration of the self, exploration of the career management and career goal. Also, items were revised at this stage, 16 items was accepted as the measurement of career decision-making difficulty of the undergraduate students. Fourthly, formal measure was implemented. This time, the questionnaires of the career decision-making difficulty (16 items) and self-efficacy (10 items) were added to the formal questionnaire all together. And 264 valid data were collected. The confirmatory factor analysis and model comparison indicated that the four-component structure model was optimal. Then the study analyzed the relationship between four dimensions of career decision-making difficulty and self-efficacy, after the reliability analysis of measurement scales. Besides, the, study primarily analyzed the effect of demographic variables on career decision-making difficulty of the undergraduate students.
Keywords/Search Tags:career decision-making difficulty, career undecidness, self-efficacy
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