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Research On The Transformation Path From The Newly-founded Undergraduate Colleges To Practical Technology University

Posted on:2016-08-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2297330461476298Subject:Higher Education
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At present, our country is facing the profound changes in the industrial structure as well as the increasingly severe employment situation, the newly-founded undergraduate colleges should transform to practical technology university to foster regional industry talents required for the application of technology. Undoubtedly, the newly-founded undergraduate colleges’ transformation have certain inevitability. How the newly-founded undergraduate colleges’transformation? What we can learn from the foreign undergraduate colleges and the transformation specific path of the newly-founded undergraduate colleges in Gansu Province. All of this are to be answered in this paper. Also, it is the intention of this paper. In addition, the Gansu newly-founded undergraduate colleges’ transformation are in the transition period, so this paper studies its transformation specific path undoubtedly has important research value.Firstly, we use the comparative case study to research the successful undergraduate colleges’ transformation abroad,such as the United States State University,University of Applied Science German and so on. On this bases, to find the transition experience which worth learning. Secondly, we research the basic overview of the development of newly-founded undergraduate colleges and it’s the main transformation problems. On this basis, we summed up the general path of the applied technology colleges, then, we research the newly-founded undergraduate colleges’ transformation.We find the main directions of the Gansu newly-founded undergraduate colleges’ transformation Including the following:Orientation and service-oriented, professional curriculum, teaching staff and management system. We also find the Gansu newly-founded undergraduate colleges’ specific transformation path. The orientation, philosophy, and service-oriented of the newly-founded undergraduate colleges should be oriented to foster regional economic application of technology-oriented talents and transform from cultivating the traditional normal-type to industry-specific expertise; curriculum should be oriented to business development requirements and transform from focusing on the construction of large and professional courses to practice-oriented platform and module curriculum; Construction of teachers in training or reserve should be oriented to double-qualified teachers which have teaching and research capabilities and business practices and transform from focusing on the education and research capability to teachers’ practical ability assessment; Management system should be oriented to multi-body joint schools and transform from focusing on the provincial-based management system to universities, governments, enterprises and research institutes and other joint schools.
Keywords/Search Tags:Newly-founded Undergraduate Colleges, Practical Technology University, Transformation Path
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