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Research On The Transformation Of New Undergraduate Colleges To Application Technology

Posted on:2018-11-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y K JiangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2357330536470261Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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Since the 20 th century,along with economic development,the education pattern of colleges and universities in our country has been developing from original single traditional mode to the multi-level mode gradually.Newly built universities comes with the development of age,they were set up throughout the country within short time,becoming the main force of talent construction in China.But due to the limitation of various factors,the educational pattern develops not very well in recent years,the pressure borne by its own is increasing.At the same time,the original industrial structure is quietly changing,and the development of emerging industries needs skilled talents as support,and practice talented person demands of companies are growing.However,the corresponding education system is not perfect in our country,and the relevant industry talent shortage is serious.Under this background,the government put forward the strategy of promoting colleges and universities to transform into applied ones and promoting the establishment of multi-level talent cultivation models.For a long time,the public knows little about applied universities,so the transformation encountered some resistance,going on not very well.In this paper,according to the development planning on encouraging the transformation of colleges and universities put forward in 2014,with transformation of colleges and universities in Shandong province as the research object and learning from the practical experience of Britain,the United States and Germany in the development of applied colleges and universities,we summarized the deficiencies from investigation,and at the same time put forward corresponding countermeasures and suggestions.Therefore,first,we think that in the early time we should help the public to set up a correct understanding of the transformation into applied ones,lay a good foundation for future development.Second,in the process of the transformation,colleges and universities should focus on strengthening the construction of preponderant disciplines,and set up majors related on regional industry development;they should pay more attention to highlighting the practical learning in course content arrangement,and be equipped with perfect "double type" teacher team;combining with regional economic development,and they should be more inclined to train professional personnel who are in shortage,putting the transforming into practice.
Keywords/Search Tags:newly built university, application technology university, transformation development
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