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Research On The Realistic Dilemma And Transformation Path Of The Newly-founded Undergraduate Universities

Posted on:2018-12-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330515952301Subject:Higher Education
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The development in economical situation and social formation triggered more request for knowledge,technology and talents of our country.However,at present,higher education in our country are mostly academic,not technological.The construction and overall arrangement of higher education canít get along well with the development of economic society.There is a great imbalance between talents supply and demand for talents.So higher education must be reformed.Under such situation,Ministry of Education,Nation Development and Reform and ministry of finance introduced a policy--A guidance for transforming part of the local colleges to the application universities to accelerate the transformation speed of local colleges.Based on the theory of the relationship between higher education and economy,the classification management theory of higher education and the theory of higher education structure,this paper uses literature method,investigation method and inductive method as the research methods.Taking 13 newly-founded experiment universities in Shaanxi province as the research objects,the paper analyzes the difficulties in transformation of these universities.Firstly,the paper discusses the necessity of the transformation in the newly-built universities,then systematically analyzes the actual development of newly-built universities in Shaanxi Province.According to the analysis,the paper points out both the opportunities and difficulties of experimental universities in transformation and development.The realistic problems in transformation of the experimental colleges including the irrational of main disciplines setting and professional training model;lack "Double-qualified" teachers;poor experimental training conditions;weak school-enterprise cooperation and so on.Then analyzed the cause of these problems deeply and fully.The reasons for these problems are as following:government functions in varying degrees of offside and absence phenomenon;misunderstanding the concept of transformation,the institutions and social institutions do not really involved in misinformation process.Finally,the paper proposes countermeasures and suggestions to promote the process of transformation:the government not only should complete the whole design for college transformation and fully support it but also should complete a transformation guidance;the social institutions have to strengthen the guidance of public opinion,to promote the implementation of the transformation.Enterprises and third-party organizations should be encouraged to participate in the application of personnel training process actively.Only through the co-operation of the main bodies,the transformation process of newly-built colleges can be accelerated.
Keywords/Search Tags:newly-founded universities, transformation, realistic dilemmas, path selections
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