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A Study On The Path Dependence Of The Transformation Of Newly - Built Universities

Posted on:2017-01-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M R JiaFull Text:PDF
GTID:2207330485454634Subject:Public Management
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In recent years, owing to the changer of internal and economy environment, the demand of high-level technicians has increased sharply. The urgent problems which have needed to be solved of high education are how to develop higher vocational education, and cultivate the talents for China’s economic and social development. It is particularly important that promote the transformation of Newly Established Colleges to Applied Technology Universities in this background. However, as the actual transformation work carried out, some of the Newly Established Colleges are locked in the original path, into serious path dependence. It leads to some problems in the transformation of ideas and school concept; the construction of teachers and other aspects of the problems, which hindered the transformation and development of Newly Established Colleges.The paper based on the path dependence theory in institutional economics, explores the path dependence of the transformation and development of Newly Established Colleges. First, this paper reviews the historical evolution of the Newly Established Colleges, points out its characteristics of the mandatory, gradual and time flag, and puzzles out the logic dilemma in the development of Newly Established Colleges. Second, we restore the process of Newly Established Colleges’ path dependence, from the perspective of path dependent which based on the theory of path dependence, analyze the root of path dependence from interest factor, institutional factor and cultural factors. At last, we proposed a new way of solving the path dependence to realize the transformation and development of Newly Established Colleges.
Keywords/Search Tags:Newly Established Colleges, Transformation and development, Path Dependence
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