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A Study Of Adult Higher Education Features In Newly-founded Local Undergraduate University

Posted on:2014-06-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2267330425477913Subject:Adult Education
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In recent years, the system of higher education is becoming perfect day by day and the number of newly-founded local undergraduate universities is largely increasing to meet the demand of locally social and economical development. The adult higher education is an important part of undergraduate education and so the problem faced by the staff of higher education is how to make the adult higher education characteristic for the improvement of the talent cultivation.The part of introduction discusses the background and significance of the thesis and then the train of thought and method is introduced after the literature review. Besides the part of introduction, the thesis is composed of such five parts as the denotation of the adult higher education feature, an analysis of necessity, an analysis of SWOT, a case study and future prospect. Part one, the denotation understanding of the adult higher education, mainly defines the concepts of school-running feature and adult higher education feature. Part two bears on the analysis of necessity for the unique adult higher education. It is argued that the economy globalization requires a professionalization and specialization of the education, the development of market economy has a commercialization influence on the education and the system change of higher education calls on a unique adult higher education. The three elements make a characteristic adult higher education necessary Part three is the analysis of SWOT which aims at how the newly-founded undergraduate university cultivates the adult higher education. As a classical strategy, the analysis of SWOT can effectively deal with the advantages, disadvantages, opportunities and challenges that the newly-founded undergraduate universities are faced with when they cultivates a unique higher education. Its own advantages include the supports from all-level governments, the coordinate development plan and a weaker opposite force of reform, the disadvantages lie in the relatively decrease of education finance, the backward staff development, inadequate experience in running school, the opportunities from the situation include the mass higher education, the increase of professional demands required by the local economy construction, higher requirement of rich experience by the employer, and the challenges come from the weaker competitive force of excellent student origins and limited autonomy of specialty setup. Part four is the case study of Sichuan University of Arts and Science. This part expounds the education status of adult higher education and the strategy of making the education characteristic, namely hold the advantages of location to increase or decrease the relative majors. Besides, this part argues that the adult higher education should have a unique teaching to attract excellent students and higher level teachers should be introduced to improve the teaching quality. Part five is a conclusion that the newly-founded undergraduate university should have its own characteristics and the future development is put forward.
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