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On The Performance Management Of Foreign Teachers In Fujian Newly-founded Undergraduate Colleges

Posted on:2014-12-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The newly-founded undergraduate colleges play a decisive role in the process ofpopularization of higher education, and gradually become an important force ofundergraduate education in China. In order to adapt to pushing forward theinternationalization of education and introducing the progressive force and advancedconcept on international education, foreign teachers gradually become an integralpart of teachers in universities, and the management of foreign teachers has beenalso gradually paid attention by the colleges. At present, because of some shortage inthe newly-founded undergraduate colleges, such as week development basic and lackof fund, there’re many problems with the management of the foreign teachers, and insome degree the problems have influenced the improvement of foreign teachers’working enthusiasm and innovation. A scientific and effective management is toestablish a reasonable performance management system for the foreign teachers andtake corresponding encouraging measures according to the physical of thenewly-built universities, which will release the enthusiasm and innovation of foreignteachers and improve the teaching quality.At present, there are few studies on the performance management of foreignteachers in newly-founded undergraduate colleges. In this regard, the dissertationfocuses on the foreign teachers in newly-founded undergraduate colleges in Fujianprovince and explores the problem of their performance management. Starting fromintroducing relative theories on performance management, the dissertation elaborateson the special features of the foreign teachers as well as the necessity of theirperformance management; the performance management of foreign teachers in thenewly-founded undergraduate colleges has the particularity of being human-oriented,and it should focus on the establishment of incentives. To some extent, theperformance management of foreign teachers in the newly-founded undergraduate colleges can promote the communication between the colleges and the teachers,provide the basis for other sectors in the human resource management, and promotethe development of the foreign teachers effectively. Current performancemanagement of the foreign teacher has some problems, such as lack of acomprehensive awareness of the performance management, and lack of scientificpositioning in the assessment objectives. Using the principle and technique ofperformance, such as360-degree assessment method, key performance indicators,the thesis points out the basic principle of foreign teachers’ performancemanagement, and from the4links of performance management, plan, do, check andaction, the management modes are studied and strategies are given to improvemanagement of the foreign teachers’ performance in the newly-foundedundergraduate colleges.
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