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Structure Of Higher Education And The Labor Market Development Fit Research In Tianjin

Posted on:2015-04-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2297330461499154Subject:Labor economics
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With economic development, roles of knowledge, especially those of human capital in economic growth gradually come into the vision of theory researchers and policy makers. Research shows human capital in the long-term economic growth acts as an irreplaceable element. And, knowledge as an economic element is a breakthrough of the key economic law of marginal diminishing elements. Higher education as the highest level of education, training people directly facing the labor market, constitutes the highest level of knowledge of labor groups. The fit dgree of knowledge structure of these labors and the labor market concerns about social and economic development, but also the premise of the graduation students’"graduation means unemployment" problem. With the development of higher education structure, its size and professional settings in the wider extent, represents the overall level and structure of our human capital, so the fit degree research of professional structure and the labor market could adjust economic growth structure, promote the optimization and upgrade industrial structure, improve the professional structure of higher education. And, the fit degree is significant heterogeneity in enhancing human capital allocation in the economic restructuring.By highlighting the features of the knowledge in the body of the workers, in the views of the roles of heterogeneity human capital in the pathway of the industry labor market configuration, the paper builds a formalized theoretical framework. And labor market competition mechanism was found to promote labor and capital resources’optimal combination to maximize social marginal productivity of labor. Labors trained by higher education in professional categories can be configured to diversified personnel. In this theory, based on the index system of fit degree of higher education profession structure and labor market including the total economic categories, the ownership structure categories and categories of scientific and technological progress. And then through Grey relational analysis method, the sub-sector indexes are analyzed. By principal component-AHP analysis method, the weight of each index is calculated. Finally the paper gets fit degree of Tianjin profession structure of higher education and the labor market. Final results showed that the structure of higher education in Tianjin reflects the basic development of the labor market. There are some long-term relationships between them. While the Tianjin higher education should continue to adjust the structure of profession demand, rationalize teaching of each profession to accommodate future economic needs. Overall optimization of policy of the profession structure of higher education and the cultivation of professional labor market structure will promote knowledge-based economy, accelerate economic restructuring.
Keywords/Search Tags:Higher Education Structure, Labor Market, Fit Degree, Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation
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