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Research On Customer Satisfaction Of College Canteen

Posted on:2016-08-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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College canteen play an important role in teaching and doing research, not only related to the vital interests of the professors and students, but also related to social harmony and stability. So. It get a widely attention from the society.However, in recent years, due to the shortage of dining area, ageing canteen equipment, instability of work team, the college canteen development face a big difficult. Because of unsatisfied the price, more and more professors and students choose to get food from outside college canteens, that lead to canteen lost many customers, it has a bad effect on canteen development.So, what affect customer’s satisfaction of college canteen, how to improve the college canteen customer’s satisfaction has become the most important part. This paper from the perspective of the professors and students to discuss the influence factors on customer’s satisfaction of college canteen.This thesis base on the research of domestic and international customer’s satisfaction and the characteristics of college canteen to do a deep research of college canteen customer’s satisfaction.Firstly, it introduce the basic theory of customer’s satisfaction and related concepts, including customer’s satisfaction influence factors, mode of action, model. It provide a theoretical basis for later chapter.Secondly, it combine the customer’s satisfaction theory with the basic characteristics of the college canteen. Constructed college canteen customer satisfaction index system and evaluation model of customer satisfaction based on the American model. According to decomposition the model influence factors to determine the specific questionnaire, do a survey to Beijing Forestry University’s professors and students and statistic the results.Thirdly, do empirical analysis to the model and collected data. It will include reliability analysis, validity analysis, correlation analysis and regression analysis, and the individual characteristics of respondents ANOVA, explore the impact of factors of college canteen satisfaction of the customer. Use importance- satisfaction quartile FIG find that the innovative cafeteria meals, food prices, food taste, the level of staff’s enthusiasm, the staff’s health aspects should rapidly improve, enhance customer satisfaction.Lastly, it will combine the analysis results canteen together to find the problems, we also give some opinions from communication mechanism, building market competition term, university’s support.
Keywords/Search Tags:College canteen, Customer satisfaction, Influence factor
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