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Study On Compilation Of Specialized Course Textbooks In Application-oriented Universities

Posted on:2016-07-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2297330464466952Subject:Vocational and Technical Education
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The transformation of local undergraduate colleges and the construction of application-oriented universities are the important reflection of higher education satisfying the development of economic society and the escalation of public services for the talent demand. Since the promulgation of “the guidance of local undergraduate universities transformation and development” by ministry of education in 2014, all provinces are working on the pilot work of school transformation. Training application-oriented talents becomes the core task of pilot colleges so the development of teaching materials turns to be one of the important works to meet the requirement of training the applied talents. The teaching materials of application-oriented universities should be distinguished from the disciplinary ones and also should not copy the compilation style of the present vocational colleges. The teaching material which reflects the “orientation of action, undergraduate level and the integration of theory and practice” is the emphasis of this paper.Based on this, the paper mainly discusses from the following six parts.Chapter one, “introduction”, indicates the problems posing, the purpose and significance of this research, research status, research methods, concept definition and theoretical basis.Chapter two, “the hegemony and inquire of the traditional, disciplinary teaching material”, illuminates the inherent logic of this kind of teaching material by parsing its features. It analyses the reasons for the disciplinary teaching material being the dominant position from two aspects, knowledge hegemony and system hegemony.Chapter three, “the diversion and misreading of the traditional, disciplinary teaching material”, analyses the reasons for the recession of disciplinary teaching material hegemony and reveals the diversion inevitability of the disciplinary teaching material. It systemizes the main version which has been through the diversion from two dimensions, features and attribution analysis. It also parses the confusion between the systematization and non-systematization of knowledge, the notions of education and training in detail.Chapter four, “the project teaching material based on CDIO level which is the typical format of the specialized course teaching material in application-oriented university”, exhibits the features of application-oriented university by comparing the academic university with the vocational colleges. Combining with compiling principle of “integration of theory and practice”, “work-based logic” and “undergraduate demand”, it takes up designing the project logic, project selection, project elements and project structure. It also merges the project principle and the CDIO theory into the design of teaching material.Chapter five, “a sample teaching material of construction and maintenance of facility”, exhibits the research strategy in the shape of sample chapter by combining the research concept and specific major.The conclusion provides a summary of the basis, the subject, the standard of teaching material in application-oriented university, the development of school-based teaching material and other problems which need to be considered about.
Keywords/Search Tags:Application-oriented university, Integration of theory and practice, Project teaching material
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