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"Experience" For Activating Composition Teaching -Research On Implementation Strategy In Experience Teaching Of Junior High School Composition Teaching

Posted on:2016-04-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Writing is a key point in high school Chinese teaching. Therefore,numerous Chinese teachers, experts and scholars have devoted their efforts to the research of writing teaching. However, the current situation of writing teaching is not very desirable. From the actual situation of junior high school Chinese teaching in recent years, it can be seen that the writing ability of many students is too low to write a composition.Most students are not interested in writing, or even don’t know what and how to write, and thus the compositions wrote by these students are made of jumbles of confusion. Hence, for the most of students, writing process is so painful that they don’t want to write. This phenomenon in writing inspires the author to pay more attention and research to the experiential teaching of writing that is a new teaching concept of writing,whose aim is to convert the life and reading experiences of students into the writing content, and then guide students to express their own unique experiences. By means of the experience teaching to activate the writing teaching so as to change students who are afraid to write a composition and the phenomenon of struggling to write a composition.This paper is divided into four parts. The first part analyzes the current situation of the writing teaching in the high school, and sums up the basic problems appeared in the writing teaching. The second part introduces the connotation and characteristics of the experience writing teaching, and analyzes the theory basis for the experience writing teaching. In the third part, several strategies are put forward for the effective implementation of the experience writing teaching from both the accumulating and expression experience aspects. Finally, in the fourth part, the author represents a specific procedure and strategy,which are conducted in the teaching of The Different Life, to show theimplementation of the experience writing teaching class, and tries to provide the actual teaching of the experience writing.
Keywords/Search Tags:Experience writing teaching, accumulate experience, express experience, implementation process
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